The Seaqueen escorted by dolphins in Aruba October 2007


Just when you think a dive can’t get any better….. it gets better. At least for the divers that were on board of the Seaqueen on 12 October 2007. After a great dive on Isla d’Oro Reef one of our divers spotted several dorsal fins breaking the surface. As we were in our surface interval  the Seaqueen set course for these fins and before we knew it our boat was surrounded by a group of approximately 20 spotted dolphins, adults and babies, challenging the captain for a race as they played just in front of the bow of the Seaqueen.  

  aruba 2007 066


Needless to say our divers couldn’t wait to jump in the water. Unfortunately one of them jumped in somewhat overenthusiastic (imitating a depth charge) which was a signal for the dolphins to move on North. This unique encounter happens once in a while as this group apparently chooses Aruba as an ideal area to nurse and teach their young. Our divers had the best morning they could have wished for.

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