Sea Hunters in Aruba May 2007

Early May Fly and Dive had the privilige of hosting Canadian Mike Fletcher, his son Warren and their filmcrew. Both Mike And Warren are well known deep water divers and are the core of the Sea Hunters team. Mike and Warren dove to and have explored many famous wrecks around the world and their adventures are shown on National Geographics “The Sea Hunters” presented by writer Clive Cussler and marine archeologist James Delgado. The reason for the team to visit Aruba was to get footage of the Antilla for which the Sea Queen and Sea Pearl as well as their captains were deployed several days. The visit of the team not only shows the importance of “the biggest wreck in the Caribbean” as a major dive site but also the historical importance of the wreck as a legacy of World War II in Aruba which should be preserved as long as possible. We at Fly and Dive took the opportunity to enlighten Mike and the crew also on the history of the by German submarine U-156 torpedoed tanker “Pedernales” as well as the tanker “Oranjestad” which is in appr. 300 ft. of water. In return they shared with us stories of their search for wrecks and lost ships bells.

The crew of Fly and Dive hopes to welcome The Sea Hunters again sometime in the future, maybe to do a documentary on the Oranjestad ?

For more information about The Sea Hunters see also:

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